Poem Links

 Welcome to the Poem Links Page, readers! Here are the links of my published poems. I will update it whenever I post a new one. I hope you like it!

I was in the Middle of the Night

Because Death wants him to Lay

Give me Pixie Dust Some Wishes to Cast

Across the Stream Now I See them Come

Even How Many Times I Tripped and Fall

Thoughts of a Mane quine


Heart of Light

Fate and Light


There was a Story That was Never Been Foretold

I am is My Name


The Only Ruler of My Reckless Soul

All I Know

Who’s Inside of Me?

When the Unheard Prayers Cry


With a Single Blast!

That Sinful Wish of Mine

My Dear Lady Fair

That Child

When that Day Comes

When the Wind became the Shooting Star 

Her eyes

Tomorrow’s war would be over

When the Sun goes down



If There is Tomorrow

The Cry

Vast oceans had gone wild again

Where The Voice Carries

Lifted up in the sea of Hatred



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