Memoirs of Forgiveness

       To fall into the deepest trench of your life is something you can’t avoid while living in this ever-cruel world. To learn that you are alone all this time could also make your innocent heart to shatter into pieces. Sometimes, you felt it too, isn’t it?

       That gruesome pain has shattered your heart into invisible pieces even if you are voiceless and doesn’t have the courage to voice out your pain. However, even if you successfully voice out everything, is there someone out there whose willing to listen? Is there?

       Unvoiced. Hidden. Unreleased. This unveiled the hidden glass of smiles hidden under the beautiful mask worn by you. But it will never – never show what your heart truly screams for.

       Relief would be felt; if and only if pain, sorrow and heart break disappeared. Laugh all you want. Laughter, after all, is the best cloak anyone could wore. But remember: you only hide the pain. You only let your sorrow grow inside.

       What can you do? What can I do? Is everything you have done is enough? Is there a way to let go of this feelings that only destroys you inside?

       There isThere really is.

     To be afraid is normal; but to be coward is not. To get angry is normal; but to imprison it in your heart is not.  The only thing you can do is to let it go.

      If you let the hatred go, your heart will be free. If you let the pain go, the healing will start on itself. If you let the happiness enter your soul, the spring shall be reborn and bring out the life which was hidden inside you.

     Become the Happiness itself. Don’t let yourself be trapped by the pain of the past that prevent you to live in the present. Let Peace accompany you in your disheveled road trip towards the future of uncertainty. Make amends with Mistakes and let your Heart become friend of Honesty. 

     Surely, it is hard at first; but that heavy boulder that kept you from blossoming will be absolutely lifted up once forgiveness become your second name. Undoubtedly, you will become happier and wiser than you ought to be.


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