Life Moves in a Sadistic Way


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Life is undoubtedly cruel, isn’t it? From a bright summer sun that welcomes our day with a fake smile to that painful rain which knows nothing but to play such sorrowful tune, life really loves to torture everyone’s weak hearts. It will keep on torturing us until we became like a broken doll.


Life is undoubtedly a great liar, isn’t it? It brought ephemeral happiness to everyone and yet, it has brought everlasting upheaval to everyone’s memories. Our beautiful memories will then become our greatest nightmare.


Life is… a successful manipulator, isn’t it? It showed us different paths that we can freely follow. But when the day comes where we had to choose only one, it only gave us vague answers until humans fall down to their knees while the life itself laughs above them.


However, do you know what the only destination it has given to us at the end of our journey is? It was death. It was death and only death.


This is where the biggest lying game has started. This is where those manipulative dice had been cast. This is where the life laughed hysterically at our pathetic behavior. It is just because we only know how to depend on other’s pity.


Naïve is still called naïve. Stupid humans remained stupid. Pride only dominated our poor pathetic hearts. And at the end of the day, everything we had done, everything we have accomplished, it was all for nothing.


And yet, why we still cling unto life? Why we still keep on clinging on it even though life only brings pain and sorrow?


It is because this is the sweetest lie we fell in love with. It is because it is the greatest dream we had inherited.

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