Only Time Will Tell


only time will tell

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Every time I close my eyes, I kept hearing that cry. It is not just any cry. It is a melody – a beautiful yet sad melody born from the heart of nature. It sings the sea’s endless grief. It even resonates the whispers of the wind’s life-long sorrow.

This made me remember myself few years ago, the ‘me’ who used to play with my childhood friends. We even loved to wander searching for beetles, climbing up the backyard trees, running around under the sun and even racing to the top of the hill. And upon reaching it, I close my eyes once in a while to listen to the free wind whistling how beautiful the world is.

It is like an ivory dream, isn’t it? Yet, and somehow, everything is but a dream – a dream that will fade away once I wake up. However, I still want to hear that song. I still want to hear their cry. I still want more… more…

Will every Juan burst into regretful tears once he heard it? Will everyone become voiceless? Will you ever – ever hear the resonance of the nature’s grim fate? I hope so. I do. I hope for them to cry not only for oneself, but for the world.

Hear them, hear them, the say. Listen to the melody of the sorrow and pain in each notes played.

Save them, save them, their cry. Listen to the cry that would save the once scenery of blissful hope from the chunks of heavy modernization.

Let them, let them. Let them play the symphony of ardor for everyone’s hopeful fate.

Will the cry be resounded to everyone’s heart? Alas, only time will tell.


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