With an Evil Eye

with an evil eye

Photo credits: playbuzz.com

   The sinners are ought to be condemned due to the wickedness of their actions as their hearts are swallowed by wrath and immorality. Likewise, humans let themselves to be eaten by their own monster while living in this twisted world. With this cruel truth, to live and die with pure heart and soul might remain a dream for everyone, as the kindled hope is yet to flourish.

   Way back to the history lane, humans are said to be hospitable, honest country-lover in nature. But the painful truth is they grew to become selfish and greedy creatures and will do anything just to uplift themselves and themselves only. This fact is very evident whenever calamity strikes. Each one struggles for food and water even if they have to push elderly away. People themselves kept on doing malice against others even during the time of crisis.

Humans themselves might also the personification of Pride. Many people tend to break up easily just because of tower-like height of their egotism. The excessive pride of every individual only worsen the relationship and even denying to accept that each one is not perfect – that it’s the imperfection really make who you are today.

   Moreover, each country is known for its knee-deep family values. Yet, this common belief can’t even testified on how Envy can turn innocent ones into vengeful monster, hunger for attention and affection. They will do anything even if to destroy other’s life.

Lust will also never go down the list. The never-ending wants of men to devour poor girl’s purity and prevalence of poverty around the globe are the main reasons for the increase of prostitution every year. This will not surely make a girl’s purity to fade away, but also her life-long dream she ever wanted.

   Truth to be told, this black-painted reality is the root cause of everyone’s suffering. But this reality can be changed if every person will unite to become the gears of fate. Before taking any actions, one must think carefully and think not only one selves, but others, too. Each individual should consent their family or friends if they have problem, which is way too difficult to solve by oneself.

   Furthermore, every human should learn to trust others to achieve a life-lasting relationship, romantically or friendly. An individual should also ask God for ever-loving guidance and protection against the cruel and manipulative demons surrounding him/her.

   The world itself is twisted, indeed. Thus, every human living here can become the gullible prey of their hunger-stricken demons of hell. But beneath the eyes of onlookers, hope might bloom like a cherry flower. It can be ephemeral, but its everlasting effect is can be seen even with an evil eye.


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