Yonder Upon Teen’s Eyes

     Do you ever feel alone or cheated? Or doing things for the first time? Well, you are not alone because you are one of the million teens who feel the same way, too. Your problems are only a smidge that if you conquer all this, you can now face bigger obstacles in life. As a teen, you may have haters, bullies or backstabber friends or so-called “frienemies”. Don’t worry; you can make the stuffs out. You only need some courage to handle those. Is that your big problem?


     Now, this is your time to shine! You can have this chance to develop your skills and strength while you are enjoying you growing-up years. Don’t let others to pull you down. Just IGNORE them. Mingle with them but DON’T EVER TRUST THEM. They might use the information you have to block or to pull you down.


     BE OPEN TO YOUR PARENT. They will help you to your situation and give some advice on how you overcome it – even it might cause you hesitant to approach them.


     BE CHEERFUL. It is the best way to have a great connectivity to other people. People all around us tend to hang along with people loves to smile.


    HAVE SELF – CONFIDENCE. Remember that you are not the only one who faces problems in life. Just put in your mind, we are in middle of a game and we are the player. Self – confidence can boost your inner skills and talents that may lead into a path into a better future.


And yet, by the end of the day, you can prove yourself and you have worthwhile life, as long as you don’t step the reputations of others. Remember this quote from the movie Barbie in Princess Charm School, “Do not feel inferior without your consent.” This quote may help you out of troubles.



         Now as you get older by days, use it by fighting back (not like hurting others), but fight by your studies, building a good relationship to people around you and having FAITH IN GOD.


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