No Theme


Three, two, one…


Articles supposed to have theme or topic, right? What theme should I have to write? In this world, there are lots of things to use in producing one. We only need to have a creative story. But until now, I still don’t have any. 

Aha! I will look around. I think I can find a better topic to use in my assignment.

I went outside of our home and look at the surroundings. Children playing, women gossiping around, and people selling their goods are the common scenarios at our place. I started to walk and think. I remember myself as those children were happily playing to their friends. Making a story line about my memoirs as a very young child is very difficult because it is a long time ago. So, I continued to walk. I just found myself at the front of the ‘desert’.

I remembered that in this place my younger siblings and I used to play here. The view of the sky is clear here and as I remember, we loved let our kites fly together with my father and siblings during summer vacation. Then, I reached the hill at the end of the desert. I have been here before until I reached my grade 5. You can see my former school from here. How I miss this place.

After couple of minutes looking at the pretty scenery, I decided to go home. It’s already afternoon after all. I set off and returned home.

Now, I know what I will do. It is now about them.



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