A Mistake to Forgive

A Mistake to Forgive

“You don’t understand – “

“I understand but you don’t understand me! Did you get my point?”

“I get it but you don’t listen to me even for a little while!”

“Why would I listen to you? You only believe to yourself for God’s sake!”

“How come you understand my side if you don’t see my point? You can’t even lend your ear just for sometime?”

“This is this, that is that. That is what you know.”

“If you could please just – “

“Now, because you only believe to your opinion, leave and from now on I will forget that you are my family. I don’t love you anymore.  I don’t care at all.”

“You don’t really care to us. You don’t!”

“Then let’s have divorce!”

“That’s better so we can separate lives! How I hate this family.”

Her father went outside of that very room. Her mother also went to work. This make Alexa cried and cried. That was a cold Monday night. A week before the classes resume. Her parents are both working. Her father is a successful businessman and her mother is a night shift customer representative. Alexa is currently a 4th grade student who is yearning for love and attention. Yes, even though they are not rich and yet she can have the things she needed or she wanted to. Her parents provide her scholastic needs. She is a top students, yes. But also a saddest child for not having her family to be whole. Her parents aren’t divorced yet. But Alexa feared that it will soon happen creating a big gap between them resulting a broken family. She doesn’t like that. She doesn’t want it to happen to her family. She doesn’t want to be like her family ended up like to her friend Naomi whose family broken apart just because of misunderstanding. Now, Naomi’s life is ruined. And far as Alexa know it will also occur to their lives.

Alexa is sitting beside her cozy bed covering her ears as her tears fell to her pretty blue eyes.  ‘ I don’t like broken family, I don’t ‘ that is what in her very mind. As soon as her tears fade away, she keep on thinking things that she hoped to occur. 

The next day, she wake up and her eyes are swollen. That is because she kept crying that very night. She wanted to think that everything is a nightmare and she wake up into a happiest dream where everything you can see is happiness. But she knew it will only stay that in her dreams and will never see hope and seek peace to her family. Never, that is what she thought. She stood up and go to the kitchen for the preparation of breakfast. She set the table with three sets of plates, spoons and forks and glasses hoping her family would be whole again. She cleaned the whole house all by herself. She wanted at least to see shining smile at her father’s and mother’s face. Later, her mother arrived home.

“Good morning, mom!”, her lively greeting. But her mother don’t reply back. Instead, she went to her bedroom to take a nap. This make Alexa sadder than before. She is thinking that they don’t love her and see her as invisible or a ghost roaming around and no one even care. 

After several hours, Alexa came up a plan. Alexa went to her room and break her piggy bank which is originally lend for her savings for her college, though. Holding her money, she ran outside to go to the store. After several minutes, a loud screeched is heard and ambulance followed. The mother was furious because of the noise and commotion outside. She hurriedly went outside and joined the commotion. Shocked. That is what you can see at her face. Her own child was hit by a ruthless truck driver. She quickly bring her to the nearest hospital. Even she and her husband have a recent fight, she called him to tell Alexa’s current condition. That also make his husband to rush to go to the hospital. They are rushing to go to the emergency room when Alexa put something in her mother’s hands and smiled before past out.

“Alexa, please live. Please live.We love you, sweetie. please,” that words came out from her mother’s lips. They are waiting outside the Emergency room for several hours when the doctor go outside.

” I’m sorry but your child is at the great risk to die. 50-50, actually. I’m sorry to tell you but that is her condition right now. She lost many blood during the accident.” That is what the doctor said.

“Doc, please do anything just make her live, “ the mother pleaded.

“You are needing blood, here take mine,” offered by the father with raising his arm. The doctor shook his head and went inside the room. Later the mother noticed what Alexa gave to her. It is two small heart-shaped thing with a picture of a family – a mother, a father and a child at the middle. She is also holding a brown envelope with their family pictures. That made them curious. A piece of letter fell on the ground. Father picked it up and opened it. It said:

Dear mom and dad,

I want to say first of all is I love you both so much. I hate seeing that two of you are fighting just because of misunderstanding or because of money problem. I hate to see that our family will break apart and make our own lives. Did you see the pictures? I used up my money to print those. i want to show that I wanted to have a happy family. I also bought the pillows one each to show that family is the most important thing in my life. I love you, mom. I love you, dad. I hope you would forgive each other. I wanted that our family to be whole and never be broken apart. FOREVER.

– Alexa

Alexa’s parent burst out tears. They hugged and forgive each other.

“Alexa, please return to my arms. We love you.” The mother said sincerely. They prayed and prayed to God for her daughter’s survival.

Father make his wife to calm down. Then the doctor went outside.

“How is she? Is she all right? Is she safe? Is her condition stable?” The mother’s questioned the doctor. The doctor only shook his head and looked to them abruptly. He took a deep breath.

“I’m sorry to say that your daughter is comatose. There are great chances that she won’t survive anymore.”

” Doctor, please, do anything”

“I’m sorry, miss but we already have done everything to your daughter. Excuse me” And the doctor’s shadows just fade out of their eyes. Alexa ended up as a coma. She can only live by a life supporting machine. Yes, her brain and body is half-dead. But her heart is remained their. It continued to beat her love to her parents. she loved them for her life.



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