That Melodic Sound

Every time I close my eyes, I keep on hearing that sound. Not just any sound, it is a melody – a beautiful melody. As if it brings peace and hope. As if it doesn’t bear any sorrow and pain in each notes played. As if it glances you and give the joy in your deepest heart that can take. Even Esperanza or Pedro with cock will hear it, I will never fail. Will Maria Elena burst into regretful tears once she heard it? Will Clara become voiceless? I don’t think so. For it is as sweet as an apple and as strong as a Narra tree that can wash all the temperance that mind and heart can ever built. Every soul will feel the deathless love and purity of innocents that are just. The consistency of every note seemed to voice out the happiness of every soul living in marmoreal dream. Like the gentle blowing winds, sings every star to flow and dance together with the withered leaves. From the deepest point, it raises every charm keep on lingering every vein crawling in my body. It elevates my zest to lift up and fly into the sky.


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