Life is…

life is

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Life is a myth, too!

As it’s stranger than fiction

Love, false, anger, truth

And each day’s just illusion.


Life is a picture, too.

If you let it capture

And show its beauty

And its black-painted truth.


Oh, dear Mister Caxton!

Lull us with stories of Life.

With the lies and its arson

And the false pictures of hope.


Life is a myth, I daresay.

Passed to us in ev’ry way

It’s a story untold

Revealed fold by fold.

Memoirs of Forgiveness

       To fall into the deepest trench of your life is something you can’t avoid while living in this ever-cruel world. To learn that you are alone all this time could also make your innocent heart to shatter into pieces. Sometimes, you felt it too, isn’t it?

       That gruesome pain has shattered your heart into invisible pieces even if you are voiceless and doesn’t have the courage to voice out your pain. However, even if you successfully voice out everything, is there someone out there whose willing to listen? Is there?

       Unvoiced. Hidden. Unreleased. This unveiled the hidden glass of smiles hidden under the beautiful mask worn by you. But it will never – never show what your heart truly screams for.

       Relief would be felt; if and only if pain, sorrow and heart break disappeared. Laugh all you want. Laughter, after all, is the best cloak anyone could wore. But remember: you only hide the pain. You only let your sorrow grow inside.

       What can you do? What can I do? Is everything you have done is enough? Is there a way to let go of this feelings that only destroys you inside?

       There isThere really is.

     To be afraid is normal; but to be coward is not. To get angry is normal; but to imprison it in your heart is not.  The only thing you can do is to let it go.

      If you let the hatred go, your heart will be free. If you let the pain go, the healing will start on itself. If you let the happiness enter your soul, the spring shall be reborn and bring out the life which was hidden inside you.

     Become the Happiness itself. Don’t let yourself be trapped by the pain of the past that prevent you to live in the present. Let Peace accompany you in your disheveled road trip towards the future of uncertainty. Make amends with Mistakes and let your Heart become friend of Honesty. 

     Surely, it is hard at first; but that heavy boulder that kept you from blossoming will be absolutely lifted up once forgiveness become your second name. Undoubtedly, you will become happier and wiser than you ought to be.

Lifted up in the sea of Hatred



Lifted up in the sea of Hatred

Is Nothing but a cold, cold water of red.

Eternal clashes of sinful bloodshed

Became the cycle until everyone’s dead.



Lifted up in the sea of Hatred

Is Nothing but sin that’ll never be mended.

Blood became the new color of the white bed

Encompassing everything towards a broken end.



Lifted up from the sea of Hatred

Is Nothing but the eyes of twirling red

Enticing itself with an illusion of what they said

Before leading its broken life towards the dead.

Life Moves in a Sadistic Way


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Life is undoubtedly cruel, isn’t it? From a bright summer sun that welcomes our day with a fake smile to that painful rain which knows nothing but to play such sorrowful tune, life really loves to torture everyone’s weak hearts. It will keep on torturing us until we became like a broken doll.


Life is undoubtedly a great liar, isn’t it? It brought ephemeral happiness to everyone and yet, it has brought everlasting upheaval to everyone’s memories. Our beautiful memories will then become our greatest nightmare.


Life is… a successful manipulator, isn’t it? It showed us different paths that we can freely follow. But when the day comes where we had to choose only one, it only gave us vague answers until humans fall down to their knees while the life itself laughs above them.


However, do you know what the only destination it has given to us at the end of our journey is? It was death. It was death and only death.


This is where the biggest lying game has started. This is where those manipulative dice had been cast. This is where the life laughed hysterically at our pathetic behavior. It is just because we only know how to depend on other’s pity.


Naïve is still called naïve. Stupid humans remained stupid. Pride only dominated our poor pathetic hearts. And at the end of the day, everything we had done, everything we have accomplished, it was all for nothing.


And yet, why we still cling unto life? Why we still keep on clinging on it even though life only brings pain and sorrow?


It is because this is the sweetest lie we fell in love with. It is because it is the greatest dream we had inherited.

Where The Voice Carries


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Whenever I hear your voice warmly rings by the sea

All I can see are flowers blooming with the sweet melody.

Whenever I hear your voice, it sounds your soft heartbeat

That carries me against the stoic gushes of wind.



What the voice carries isn’t easy to grasp with bare hands

Even though its resonance is still singing beyond this land.

What the voice resonates isn’t something that commands

As it hums nothing but a wishful hope we barely understand.



Yet, even if I stand to meet your voice across this vast depth

It’s hard to find you and your seemingly waning footsteps.

Yet, under this moon, I still bare my hands of breadth

Until I can reach your heart covered with thorny veil.



Vast oceans had gone wild again


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Vast oceans had gone wild again

Over the seas that shouts thy name

Though the sky bore another day.



Even if Clouds screech over the moon

Melody born today is still beautiful

Eyes even sparkles with that tune.



Those lights passed again and again

Hovering though nothing gained.



After and after, smiles still glistened

Never-ending talks are still listened

Kisses and hugs are given.



The Cry

the cry

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It is quite lonely here

When Sadness were burrowed deep

When the Pain keeps on sighing

When Hearts don’t recognized these.



And when Madness is at its peak

They who sits would keep on laughing

Because of Hearts’ fuming naiveté

Because of Hearts’ bizarre thinking.



I just watch them act like a demon

I just cry for crying is unknown

I just listen as they don’t hear the song

I just think that Just is unknown.



The plea is still on the toll

The cry is still going on

The wail is still unheard of

Tell me, is it still worth crying for?

If There is Tomorrow


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Walking by the lonely road

Asking if fate will change me

While those dying leaves fall

And painful tears flow within me


Waiting by the lonely road

If change has the power to pull me

From undying solitude and sorrow

So that tomorrow will be other me.


Alone by the lonely road

Asking if love is powerful enough

Powerful enough to save my soul

Even if fate is against my heart.


If there is tomorrow in this world

Will you understand my soul?

And by the dawn, you’ll hear my cry

Along with my fading time.


If there is faith, if there is tomorrow

Should I change everything I have?

Should I heal my heart from pain?

If there is, as if there’s another day again.




Only Time Will Tell


only time will tell

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Every time I close my eyes, I kept hearing that cry. It is not just any cry. It is a melody – a beautiful yet sad melody born from the heart of nature. It sings the sea’s endless grief. It even resonates the whispers of the wind’s life-long sorrow.

This made me remember myself few years ago, the ‘me’ who used to play with my childhood friends. We even loved to wander searching for beetles, climbing up the backyard trees, running around under the sun and even racing to the top of the hill. And upon reaching it, I close my eyes once in a while to listen to the free wind whistling how beautiful the world is.

It is like an ivory dream, isn’t it? Yet, and somehow, everything is but a dream – a dream that will fade away once I wake up. However, I still want to hear that song. I still want to hear their cry. I still want more… more…

Will every Juan burst into regretful tears once he heard it? Will everyone become voiceless? Will you ever – ever hear the resonance of the nature’s grim fate? I hope so. I do. I hope for them to cry not only for oneself, but for the world.

Hear them, hear them, the say. Listen to the melody of the sorrow and pain in each notes played.

Save them, save them, their cry. Listen to the cry that would save the once scenery of blissful hope from the chunks of heavy modernization.

Let them, let them. Let them play the symphony of ardor for everyone’s hopeful fate.

Will the cry be resounded to everyone’s heart? Alas, only time will tell.




To serve is rightly to own

If the child of the fool was born

Casting that dream on and on

Letting the last card to be drawn


To speak is to tenacity

If that child wants that glorious success

Even if unfortunate has started

Just let their ambitious mind to daze


If there is something up

Let them do, let them see

Even if it against one over fifty

That chance is still hopeful, you see


It is believable, it is, it is

Just look at it, look at it

Yes, it is a miracle

Miracle of the children


To live or to die

To be loved or to be in love

To crush or to be crushed

It is their own fate they have faith on


Just believe on those clear eyes

They see, they hear, they know

The truth behind our lies

And that shall never change.