I still want to see it again


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Our memories of that special day

Fleets away just like the wind

With a simple blink,

As I reach out my hand,

I still want to see it again.


Our friends disappear just like sakura

with the wind that blows behind

With the sound of the chimes,

As I reach out my hand,

I still want to see it again.


I wanted to meet you again

To laugh with you again

“Thank you” for everything

Please free me from this pain

I can now be free.

The First Trump

     Children should be free from pain and agony. However, in his case, happiness will never be his. Never.

      That 9-year old boy, who has that pale white skin and beautiful emerald green eyes, knew it very well. He is used to these foolish things, to say the least. The boy was walking along the aisle, looking at the several corpses by the street. He could even hear the wails of the families because of death…

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The Sands


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As the golden grains gently brush off the eyes

That rides with the gentle blows of the blue Wind

Alongside the caravan of mystic Time.


Staring at the wall, thinking like a dried fish

Lost in the sands of the time, drifted afar

Whilst mind is flying somewhere, sinking somewhere.


The dust that works like that meaningless magic

And mixes with the passage of space and time

Became the only guide in majestic lore.


Marching onwards as the sunset slips away

As silent Wind was singing the hymns galore

Lost for the Oasis, yearned for the Heart’s feast.


As the golden grains gently sway with the Wind

What dancing along with it was memories

Riding on the caravan of mystic Time.


Staring at the dunes, shouting like a mad man

Lost in the sand of the time, drifted afar

Towards to the unbeknownst, into the unknown.

The Convent


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O my dearest Sister of Ephemeral Hearts!

Welcome to my sea of wailing Picasso arts

Scorching and roaring before the very night.


Hello, my dearest Brother of Free Hearts!

Have you heard the welcoming march of the lustrous band

Singing the blues of soul before the very night?


With me, hear me, talk to me.

Yes, my beloved siblings, it is, it is

Let the convent begin.


Sister! I praise you for your support

For your guidance and never-ending rapport

For your colorful shapes and lines

That saved me from my supposed eternal demise in life.


Brother! I thank you for your teachings

For your impressive songs and melodies

For your delightful waltz made of rebellious notes

That encouraged me to give voice to my voiceless words.


O good gracious! Where is it?

Everything that had made up my soul

Everything that you gave to my hapless and dried yolk

Where is it now?


You guided me, yet I lose track

You supported me, yet I became frail

You showed what is beyond here, yet I got blind

You let me hear the songs of freedom, yet I got deaf

You build up my boring life, yet I forgot who I am.


Who am I?

What should I do?

Where should I go?

When I should make a move?

How… how will I search for the lost piece of my foolish soul?


Sister, o my beloved Sister!

Brother, o my greatest Brother!

You told me before, “Life is a myth in itself”

Are the answers I am looking for could be found in there?

You whispered to me before, “Let your voice resonates with your hands”

Will it still sing the song that would search for what is lost?


Sister, I think I can see the light

I can see the light that illuminates my sun-deprived soul

And warms up my shivering mind made of crystallized ivy;

Brother, I think I can hear the bells

I can hear the bells ringing the sound that knocks to my heart

For it aches to say those broken words that are sealed for an almost forever.


O my dearest Sister of Ephemeral Hearts!

Inspiration is still not DEAD;

You are not DEAD! I am not DEAD!


O my beloved Brother of Free Hearts!

Don’t hide your FEAR! Don’t hide your SCARS!

Let it free… Let me free!


With me, hear me, accept me

Accept my little chain of words woven from my little voice

With me, hear me, accept me

For I shall sing the grandeur hymns of savage and black-painted notes!


It is, my dearest siblings, it is

This wait shall be over soon.

It is, my precious siblings, it is

The night shall be over soon.


O my beloved Sister of Ephemeral Hearts!

O my dearest Brother of Free Hearts!

Let a new convent began.



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River to flow, river to show

Hiding the secrets below

Renounce your faith of glory

Before you say sorry.


We are wronged, condemned

For right is dead.

Blood flows against the water’s cheeks

Washes away truth under the creaks.


Peaceful at first; illusion as it is

Warmonger then born among bloody fists.

River rushes, river washes

As secrets forever remain with our ashes.






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I’ve been hoping someone would outstretched his hands

So I asked all of them if they’re ready to rise and fight

If the narrowing faith has ended to bliss

Then it’s the miracle of this old story.


Cries of demise has turned into winds of psalms

Watching the blue moon above as it smiles down

Through the lament grief made by loathsome Past

My hopes will turn to wind and then blow like a dust.


It may be the Voice that I’ve been seeking for

Though it still ended with nothing but a folklore

Yet, my hand still search for the invisible light

That will save my soul through this unbearable night.

Life is…

life is

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Life is a myth, too!

As it’s stranger than fiction

Love, false, anger, truth

And each day’s just illusion.


Life is a picture, too.

If you let it capture

And show its beauty

And its black-painted truth.


Oh, dear Mister Caxton!

Lull us with stories of Life.

With the lies and its arson

And the false pictures of hope.


Life is a myth, I daresay.

Passed to us in ev’ry way

It’s a story untold

Revealed fold by fold.

Memoirs of Forgiveness

       To fall into the deepest trench of your life is something you can’t avoid while living in this ever-cruel world. To learn that you are alone all this time could also make your innocent heart to shatter into pieces. Sometimes, you felt it too, isn’t it?

       That gruesome pain has shattered your heart into invisible pieces even if you are voiceless and doesn’t have the courage to voice out your pain. However, even if you successfully voice out everything, is there someone out there whose willing to listen? Is there?

       Unvoiced. Hidden. Unreleased. This unveiled the hidden glass of smiles hidden under the beautiful mask worn by you. But it will never – never show what your heart truly screams for.

       Relief would be felt; if and only if pain, sorrow and heart break disappeared. Laugh all you want. Laughter, after all, is the best cloak anyone could wore. But remember: you only hide the pain. You only let your sorrow grow inside.

       What can you do? What can I do? Is everything you have done is enough? Is there a way to let go of this feelings that only destroys you inside?

       There isThere really is.

     To be afraid is normal; but to be coward is not. To get angry is normal; but to imprison it in your heart is not.  The only thing you can do is to let it go.

      If you let the hatred go, your heart will be free. If you let the pain go, the healing will start on itself. If you let the happiness enter your soul, the spring shall be reborn and bring out the life which was hidden inside you.

     Become the Happiness itself. Don’t let yourself be trapped by the pain of the past that prevent you to live in the present. Let Peace accompany you in your disheveled road trip towards the future of uncertainty. Make amends with Mistakes and let your Heart become friend of Honesty. 

     Surely, it is hard at first; but that heavy boulder that kept you from blossoming will be absolutely lifted up once forgiveness become your second name. Undoubtedly, you will become happier and wiser than you ought to be.

Lifted up in the sea of Hatred



Lifted up in the sea of Hatred

Is Nothing but a cold, cold water of red.

Eternal clashes of sinful bloodshed

Became the cycle until everyone’s dead.

Lifted up in the sea of Hatred

Is Nothing but sin that’ll never be mended.

Blood became the new color of the white bed

Encompassing everything towards a broken end.

Lifted up from the sea of Hatred

Is Nothing but the eyes of twirling red

Enticing itself with an illusion of what they said

Before leading its broken life towards the dead.

Life Moves in a Sadistic Way


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Life is undoubtedly cruel, isn’t it? From a bright summer sun that welcomes our day with a fake smile to that painful rain which knows nothing but to play such sorrowful tune, life really loves to torture everyone’s weak hearts. It will keep on torturing us until we became like a broken doll.


Life is undoubtedly a great liar, isn’t it? It brought ephemeral happiness to everyone and yet, it has brought everlasting upheaval to everyone’s memories. Our beautiful memories will then become our greatest nightmare.


Life is… a successful manipulator, isn’t it? It showed us different paths that we can freely follow. But when the day comes where we had to choose only one, it only gave us vague answers until humans fall down to their knees while the life itself laughs above them.


However, do you know what the only destination it has given to us at the end of our journey is? It was death. It was death and only death.


This is where the biggest lying game has started. This is where those manipulative dice had been cast. This is where the life laughed hysterically at our pathetic behavior. It is just because we only know how to depend on other’s pity.


Naïve is still called naïve. Stupid humans remained stupid. Pride only dominated our poor pathetic hearts. And at the end of the day, everything we had done, everything we have accomplished, it was all for nothing.


And yet, why we still cling unto life? Why we still keep on clinging on it even though life only brings pain and sorrow?


It is because this is the sweetest lie we fell in love with. It is because it is the greatest dream we had inherited.